5 Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Renovation Contractor

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Bathroom Renovations and Redesign
28 August 2018

5 Tips for Hiring a Bathroom Renovation Contractor


Your bathroom is one of the busiest and essential areas in your Gold Coast home. When you consider upgrading any bathroom features, whether a simple shower screen or a bathtub installation, you have to make sound decisions to ensure the best convenience it can offer you and your guests.

To ideally remodel your bathroom, select the best features for your bathroom designs, and make sure the areas of torn old fixtures are spotless, you need a professional bathroom renovation contractor with a keen eye for details.

This blog post provides you with 5 crucial tips for hiring a bathroom remodelling or renovation contractor. But first, let us discuss the importance of bathroom renovation.

Why Renovate Your Bathroom?

There are many reasons to renovate your bathroom. You may decide to renovate it to replace old, ugly-looking, and cracked tiles. And depending on your preferred theme, you may remodel the entire detail if you want to see something brighter or darker.

Because your bathroom is not only a place to perform your personal care routine, you have to renovate it in such a way that its sturdiness and utility improvement for hygienic purposes is guaranteed. You will also need it to solve your plumbing problems and install water-saving devices.

Bathroom renovation can accommodate your needs as you go through the ageing process. Your renovation details should be tailored to your or your relative’s old age, such as installing ledge and rails to prevent bathroom accidents.

As for the house value, it is also crucial that you check your bathrooms for damages. Should you choose to resell it, bathrooms are one of the top reasons home buyers become attracted to purchase your house.

Some of your friends or relatives might have been provided with poor renovation services, resulting in financial constraints due to the high cost or delays in the remodelling project.

People hire kitchen and bathroom remodelling contractors to use these two home areas conveniently. Moreover, contrary to your preconceived notion, a bathroom renovation is not a simple, one-day task since this is a long-term investment. To achieve this, you need to ensure that you are getting an excellent return on investment; for this, you require a bathroom renovation specialist.

But how can you determine the best bathroom renovation contractor before going through the hiring process? This is when you should seek expert bathroom renovation services in the Gold Coast area.

The following list contains 5 tips for hiring the best and trustworthy renovation contractor in Gold Coast:

  1. Set your plan

    Whatever your reason is for your bathroom renovation decision, you must set a clear goal for the remodelling process. Map out what you want to achieve, including the designs and bathroom fixtures and the estimated cost of each building material. This process helps create a target budget for the entire renovation process, sparing you of unnecessary spending. Whatever features, designs, and quality of fixtures you choose, having a set budget will aid you in your goal of having a long-term and practical investment for your remodelling project. Mapping out your plan will set a more precise objective based on your personal preferences.
  2. Ask around or conduct research on multiple contractors

    Comparing one contractor to another will hugely help you in your decision-making. This step will inform you if the contractor specialises only in plumbing or offers full-service renovation. This might include visiting business websites of those servicing kitchen and bathroom renovations on the Gold Coast. The most crucial factor you need to find in a contractor is the quality of service in bringing your dream bathroom design to life. Think ahead, talk to a contractor if possible, and determine if they are flexible enough, as you will be spending a great deal of time on your remodelling project. Ask their turnaround time and cost of labour and if they supply your needed building materials to narrow down your choices. Moreover, services on bathroom renovations on the Gold Coast can be competitive. That is why you must choose the best and most qualified contractor among those offering the same type of service.
  3. Review and verify credentials and portfolios

    Along with your in-depth research, do a background check on those potential kitchen and bathroom remodelling contractors to solidify their expertise; do not just rely on what you hear and take them at their word. This includes verifying if they are insured and registered to do a remodelling project. Along with all these, you can view their portfolios through their websites; their sites will tell you a lot about their specialisation. If you are still doubtful about their credentials, you can talk to their previous clients to verify the information. You also have to determine how long they are doing this type of service. When they’ve been established in the industry for years, they are more knowledgeable and have a keen eye for design details.
  4. Discuss and clarify your plan with the contractor

    After choosing the bathroom renovation contractor for your remodelling project, schedule a meet-up date to discuss the plans you’ve mapped out correctly. You can discuss the contractor’s availability, pricing range, what their current projects are, as well as the time it’ll take for them to complete the renovation project. Ensure that you can provide a comprehensive outline for the project, including the design you wish to implement.
  5. Prepare a legal contract

    After going through those processes mentioned, it’s high time you put everything through legal writing. For any service, both parties must be aware of the obligations involved in the project; this is also applicable for bathroom renovations in Gold Coast. It is essential that the terms you want, from bathroom design to the materials needed and the cost of labour and fixtures, are detailed in this contract. This will legally bind you and the contractor throughout the entire process. This step will protect you as the homeowner from a possible price change, such as a sudden cost demand, and guarantee that there will be no intentional delay in the project duration. A legitimate contractor will not hesitate to sign legal papers to proceed through the project.

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