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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Design for Your Home

Are you searching for the idea to choose your kitchen design? Don’t miss the expert advice of Garcia Kitchens located at Gold Coast because we have something that crafts your thoughts into solutions! Whether you are stepping into a new place or planning for a complete home renovation, we at Garcia kitchen have a perfect design plan for you that starts from planning, design, manufacture and deliver with complete installation of your kitchen. And yes, after-sale service is always our priority. One call and we will be at your service! Here are key points to keep in mind while choosing the kitchen design in Gold Coast.

Budget Matters

Just choosing colors and perfect materials will not work for a perfect kitchen design, it all starts with the budget you have! First thing first! Sit up with family and decide the maximum budget you can go for your kitchen design, including its flooring, countertops, cabinets, racks, fitting costs and other essential elements. If your budget exceeds your thought, then go for other pocket friendly options. Feel free to talk to your friends about this, or go for online reviews. But let me tell you that Garcia Kitchens has it all at one place!

Select the Shape and Style it your way

Choose the shape of the kitchen design wisely. The layout should be that way where all the appliances are easily accessible to the chef. In case of large space homes, you can choose U-shape kitchen design as they cover 3 side walls allowing maximum 2 cooks at a time! Another inviting and trendy modern kitchen design option is my favorite one, the L- shaped design. Here, only 2 sides of walls are occupied and rest can be a perfect fit for bench space with 4-5 seating at a go! I think this way you could have a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a cooktop and an oven all over the big space in an easy manner.

Choose Color Wisely

Kitchen is the power hub of your home where family reunites and relationship grows with the taste of love & splashes of colors. So, keep things planned in mind while choosing the color shades. Once we have a proper budget along with layout, the call is for color combinations of your kitchen. Select the colors suited for open kitchen layout; mark them according to whether you are going for a contemporary, traditional or classic kitchen design. Additionally, the sculptural light fixtures also add a plus point to a smart modern kitchen design.

Smart Furniture

Who says that kitchen designs have to be really expensive to look elegant? Not really, it’s the way you plan for your furniture or flooring material that matters. You just need to check the durability, appearance, clarity and the comfort part while selection. Opt for ceramic tiles, white marbles with a neutral floor to give a peasant look to your kitchen. Go for space saving cabinets, be it short, long, wide or skinny one! Like you must have seen in professional restaurant kitchens as to how they utilize the small spaces very smartly, you can choose free standing shelves, or the toe kick drawers for a small space kitchens. If you have a large kitchen space, then go with the modern and sleek furniture. The richly veined marble surfaces are the perfect transition materials that can bring a natural beauty to the looks.